Subject: NFT Rewards Program sunsetting

Dear Community Members,
We regret to announce the discontinuation of our 10% NFT Rewards Program due to compliance requirements. To uphold our commitment to transparency and integrity, we propose full refunds to all NFT minters of "Mutated Scientist" and "Lab Test" NFTs. The refunds will be issued directly to the wallets that originally minted these NFTs, in FLR tokens equivalent to the amount initially sent for minting.
To ensure our community is fully informed and can express any concerns, we are initiating a 30-day notice period effective immediately, before processing the refunds. We encourage community members to reach out with any objections or concerns by no later than 11:59 pm AEDT on 7 March 2024. For example, concerns may arise if you purchased an NFT on the secondary market and did not directly transfer FLR tokens to us for minting. Under our proposed refund plan, secondary sale purchasers would need to liaise with the original buyer for their refund, due to our policy of not collecting personal information or verifying identities of minters or holders.
Absent any communicated objections within this period, we will proceed with the refund plan, issuing refunds from the wallet 0xB32772D4Fb556D2D02EFc4F4f5Fbb57CC131b185 on 8 March 2024. For updates or questions, please visit our Discord and social media channels [https://discord.gg/c7qvDZU6Gg].

The Mutated Time travellers NFT collection

An extraordinary collection inspired by a Scientist and CEO's ambition to conquer time and space to create a rebellion against the selfish replicators of the world. Our Scientist-CEO, driven by a noble purpose, seeks to disrupt the status quo and challenge the norms set by those who hoard wealth and power for themselves. Witness the unintended consequences of a defective time travel machine, leading to twisted mutations and chaotic transformations that defy biology, science, and the very fabric of nature itself. Get ready to explore terrifying and indescribable lifeforms born from each journey through time. With each voyage, new mutations emerge, resulting in intense and unpredictable stimulations that defy conventional descriptions. Ancient creatures embrace futuristic cybernetic enhancements, while futuristic beings regress to primordial forms, shedding their veneer of progress. Brace yourself for this enthralling exploration of the unpredictable and eerie fusion of past and future with this collection.
NFT collection
Mutated CEO's
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